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  • National Smile Month

    National Smile Month is the largest and longest-running campaign to promote good oral health. Join us in educating, motivating and communicating positive oral health messages.

  • Mouth Cancer Action Month

    Taking place throughout November, thousands of amazing people go out into their communities to raise awareness of mouth cancer and share the important message of being mouthaware.

  • Become a fundraiser for the Oral Health Foundation

    Raise vital funds to help raise awareness of oral health and its importance

  • Nuud Spearmint Chewing Gum

    Nuud plastic free, plant based spearmint gum helps protect your teeth and gums in between meals, when it may not be possible to brush.


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  • Mouth ulcers

    Usually red or yellow in colour, mouth ulcers are painful sores that can appear inside the mouth and also on the outer lips.

  • What to do following an extraction

    General advice about what to do after having teeth taken out. Includes what precautions you should take and things to avoid.

  • Geographic tongue

    Geographic tongue is a common condition which can appear on the top and sides of the tongue, and sometimes on the under-surface.

  • How to spot mouth cancer

    How much do you know about the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer? By being Mouthaware you can make a difference in the fight against mouth cancer.

  • Burning mouth syndrome

    Burning Mouth Syndrome can be an extremely uncomfortable condition which can have several potential causes.

  • Bridges and partial dentures

    These replacement options for missing teeth are often recommended for oral health purposes as well as cosmetic appearance.

  • What foods and drinks contain acid and why it spells trouble for our oral health

    10 JUNE 19 – As part of National Smile Month, the Oral Health Foundation and GSK have come together to discuss the threat acidic foods and drinks pose to our oral health.

  • Wisdom teeth

    The wisdom teeth are the last to appear, right at the back of the mouth, often between 17 and 25 but sometime many years later.

  • Sugar free chewing gum

    Chewing sugar-free gum helps protect your teeth and gums in between meals when it may not be possible to brush with a toothbrush.

  • Jaw problems and headaches

    If you jaw and teeth are not lined up correctly it will not only affect your bite but could result in severe headaches and jaw pain.

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