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Colosseum Dental: Feel Proud at Work!

The team at Colosseum Dental UK welcome dentists to the family.

Becoming a dentist is no mean feat, and while it is an intensely rewarding experience, the pathway there can be strenuous. Being considered one of the most popular degrees in the UK, it is no wonder that there is a great deal of competition for places, as well as an immense feeling of accomplishment once initial training is complete.

After five years of undergraduate studying, as well as a few years of postgraduate dental training, the least you’d expect is to be working within an environment where you are valued. The needs of your patients are your top priority, but when your own needs aren’t met, it can be difficult to deliver care to those that require it.

Even after accruing several years of experience as a dentist, working in an environment that doesn’t serve your interests and advancement can be incredibly discouraging.

At Colosseum Dental UK, we think that after so many years of hard work and dedication you deserve to feel proud about coming to work, in an environment where you feel supported. Our dentists are our pride and joy, and we want that to show in everything we do.

Be proud to come to work

Here at Colosseum Dental UK, we have put time and money into making working for us as rewarding as possible.

We have invested millions into refurbishing and modernising our clinics, which means you can work in state-of-the-art facilities with ground-breaking digital technology. By making these changes, we want you to feel confident working with us. Your patients will see the difference too! We also make it a priority to ensure all equipment is in tiptop condition; we guarantee that any issues are fixed or replaced on the same day, so you can continue to deliver excellent service to your patients with minimal disturbance.

Colosseum Dental is one of Europe’s largest and most fast-growing dental companies, and so we help many communities and even more patients. But why stop there? As well as serving our teams and patients, we generate millions of funds in dividends for our beneficial owner, The Jacobs Foundation. By working for us, you are joining an organisation that supports a charitable foundation, who put a lot of time and money into child and youth development.

HALO – the words we live by

Our team’s happiness is important to us, and so we employ HALO in every clinic:

• Happy – feel good about coming to work.
• Action – we want you to see that we’re always striving to be better.
• Listening – your voice will always be heard.
• Opportunities – we want to advance your career.

By seeing HALO in all our clinics, you know that you can talk to us about any concerns you may have, or anything you think we can do better. Being a dentist means you live and breathe dentistry, so you know your stuff: we want you to have a voice, and we want to hear it! We encourage our team to be proactive; everyone has a say and any ideas and opinions are valued.

Take your career further

One of the wonderful things about being a dentist is the many avenues you can take to advance your career. At Colosseum Dental UK, we offer clinical governance and support, as well as mentoring opportunities, so you are given the utmost support when deciding on what path to take. There are also opportunities to undertake CPD.

You may also wish to move into a specialist field; we are more than happy to support advanced training, providing a network of mentors to guide and empower you.

Be part of the team

At the end of the day, we want to meet our dentists’ expectations, whether they are new or experienced. After year’s worth of studying, training and gaining experience, working for a company that cares more about your wellbeing and development is what you deserve. By offering outstanding clinical facilities, as well as chances to advance your career, working for Colosseum Dental UK means you will experience all the benefits in choosing a career in dentistry.

If you are interested in becoming an integral and esteemed member of our team, visit the Colosseum Dental UK website to find out more. Visit https://www.colosseumdental.co.uk/careers/job-opportunities/dentists


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