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Dr Kailesh Solanki: Castellini Quality

Dr Kailesh Solanki, known to his patients as Kay, founded Kissdental in December 2005. He is an advanced implant expert who has placed over 1,000 implants and acts as an implant referral specialist for many dental practices around the Manchester area.

He is one of just six internationally recognised UK instructors for Cerec technology (ISCD certified). His time is divided between his practice and teaching/lecturing about Cerec, implant dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

Here he explains how his new Castellini chair contributes to successful and stable dental implant outcomes for his patients.

My Castellini chair gives me ultimate control at my fingertips with a range of intuitive operational programs and settings. It looks absolutely stunning and offers my patients the very best in comfort and safety. I don’t do second best in anything, that’s why I went for Castellini.

When I purchased my first practice in 2005, I was determined to make sure I had the very best in terms of equipment, so I set about evaluating all the options at the time. I visited various dental showrooms and practices, spoke to colleagues, and took time out to see what was on offer in terms of technological advancements, performance, styling and overall appeal.

I discounted all the packages that don’t come with a micro-motor as standard. I’ve used speed increasing handpieces forever, I also wanted to get away from two foot controls. They look untidy with many cables around your feet, and I wanted to make sure that, when I am working the dynamic instrumentation, the chair is totally stable and can be disabled as a safety measure.

I also needed a treatment unit which could perform a range of complex procedures, so dynamic instrumentation control both for speed torque and surgical irrigation was key to my search. I’d reviewed the advances in cross infection and automated dynamic disinfection, which I knew would be important to patient concerns in the future.

It was essential that my team benefited from a brand that offered continuity across its range. I wanted some uniformity when it came to the look and feel of all the systems used in the practice, even though some packages could achieve greater levels of specification.

Finally, I needed a supplier with pedigree, expertise and – above all else – commitment to me, in looking after my needs for years to come. These factors coupled with a brand the provider knew inside out, and had back-up directly from the manufacturer, was pivotal to my final decision. My very first purchase was two Castellini Logos units from RPA Dental, at the time the very highest level of specification from Castellini.

Now, some 16 years later, we have twelve Castellini Packages in operation, and we have just taken ownership of the new Castellini Skema 8 unit. My Skema 8 leaves nothing to chance. I operate for every discipline with one seamless treatment centre, and its performance, precise control and style enables me to carry out the very best dentistry.

Today’s Castellini chair packages are connected via my network to RPA Dental and Castellini Diagnostic Centres, which means the company can remotely access my equipment and monitor performance, apply software upgrades, and diagnose any error codes.

The technician can normally assist me over the phone with any needs, or can diagnose the issue before visiting the practice. This means the problem is half solved when he comes to the door. This valuable service gives me confidence in both my investment and my service provider.

My patients don’t understand the complexities of the chair, but they do love the memory foam and pneumatic headrest. Funnily enough I’ve had a fair few patients fall asleep during treatment; and the heated air and water to the instruments completes the gentle holistic experience we provide.

Stylistically the Castellini chair is different, it’s cutting edge. It performs at the highest level, looks amazing, and fits perfectly into the way I feel a practice should look and operate. A colleague once said: “Buy a Belmont, anyone can fix them”, I replied “I’m a dentist not a hairdresser!”

I would compare Castellini quality to an F12 Ferrari or the Rolex Day Date II Ruby Dial Rose Gold chronometer. It’s precision engineered and stands out totally from the crowd with the finest distinction – pure class – need I say more?

Today my work never stops, and my constant drive to grow the business alongside the academy keeps me extremely busy. I have an amazing team around me, and we have all grown together over the past 15 years. Dentistry is constantly changing and brings new challenges, non-more so than the during last 12-months, but we remain resilient and together we have emerged stronger, better equipped and more dynamic than ever.

For more information about the Castellini range, visit https://www.dental-equipment.co.uk/dental-chairs/castellini/

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