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Eschmann RO System

In areas of hard water, there is an increased risk to your dental equipment. Limescale can affect the performance of your equipment and could cause their eventual breakdown. A spokesperson from Eschmann provides the answer.

With Eschmann, you can protect your equipment with our Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, and make purified water part of your practice’s standards. This medical-grade RO system provides you with on-demand RO water for your practice, producing more water in a shorter space of time when compared to a conventional water distiller.

The RO water system from Eschmann also has a WRAS compliant backflow protection with a simple connection to a mains cold water supply. It effectively filters out minerals, totally dissolved solids (TDSs), bacteria and microorganisms from your water.

Using this RO unit is cost-effective and convenient, compact enough to fit neatly and discreetly into any available cupboard space.

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