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Express Dentist: Summer Smile

As the UK temperatures soar and summer heat bites across the Northern hemisphere, Craig Anderson of Express Dentist provides the following tips for a healthy summer smile.

1: Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of fluids during the summer is very important as the heat can cause us to lose water through sweat. Dry mouth from dehydration can lead to tooth decay, increased plaque build-up, gum disease and thrush. Keeping on top of your hydration can make your summer smile radiant and help you feel refreshed.

2: Wear SPF on your lips: Applying sunscreen during a sunny day has become routine for many of us but it’s important not to forget our lips when applying SPF. Our lips are not immune to burning and UV damage on our lips can lead to lip cancer that’d have a drastic impact on your oral health.

3: Stay aware of your summer sugar intake: During the summer months many of us are keen on refreshing sugary snacks and drinks, whether that be an ice cream at the beach or a cold cocktail at night. Sugary food and drinks are well known to cause cavities and tooth decay.

4: Make the most of the sun’s rays: Sunshine is a key source of vitamin D which we need for calcium absorption which is key for our dental health. Moreover, Vitamin D is crucial for good mental health, which will make you more likely to smile.

5: Maintain regular dental hygiene: Perhaps the most obvious tip but it’s important to maintain proper dental hygiene at all times of year, including brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing regularly and using mouthwash.

Craig’s colleague Dr Gregg Grillo adds: “Good oral care belongs to every season, but summer brings special challenges. We tend to reach for more liquids when it’s hot, and it’s vital to drink plenty of water. Saliva is 90% water and helps protect teeth against decay by acting as an acid buffer.

“If we get dehydrated, saliva flow may decrease, and that could put the teeth at risk. People often reach for sugary drinks when they’re thirsty, but that may also lead to increased decay. Drink plenty, but make sure water is your focus. On another note, people often use facial sunscreen but overlook their lips. Lips can be prone to cancer, so be sure to use lip balm with protection when you’re out in the sun for extended periods.”

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