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Free Fluoride Treatment for Kids in North Ayrshire

Today and tomorrow, (25th and 26th August) dentists are urging families in and around Kilwinning to book a free appointment for their child to receive a fluoride varnish – and stem debilitating tooth decay – after the Health Board has put their application treatments on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

22 dentists and nurses from Clyde Munro Dental Group are volunteering their time to offer children aged 0-12 the opportunity to have the free treatment to help combat growing concerns regarding the oral health of Scotland’s children.

Three Towns Saltcoats Dental Care and Kilwinning Dental Care compose two of the seven clinics opening for the treatment, with each appointment lasting 10 minutes or more. The recipients do not need to register with Clyde Munro.

Appointments for the fluoride varnish application clinics are made on a first-come-first-serve basis by contacting the individual practices. The number of appointments available are dependent on the size of the practices.

The Three Towns Saltcoats clinic will be taking place today at 17:00-18:00. Those who wish to book an appointment should call 01294 468137.

The Kilwinning Dental Care clinic will be tomorrow at 17:00-18:00. Parents interested in booking their child for the treatment should call 0141 847 0775.

After treatment children will receive a gift bag containing a toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as an assortment of information packs.

Erin Wight, Senior Project Coordinator at Clyde Munro, added: “We are aiming to deliver significant improvements to Scotland’s oral health, and we have been working together with health boards and support services to access children who need the treatment.

“Our dentists and nurses are offering these sessions in their own time, and we are grateful for all those who are volunteering. We are aiming to fill the gap created by the massive shortfall in dental services due to the pandemic by ensuring children and their families are getting the advice and help they need.”

Peter Shankland of Kilwinning Dental Care, said: “This is a great opportunity for parents to receive advice on how best to safeguard the teeth of their children. Not only are we offering free fluoride varnish treatments, but we also go through brushing instructions and dietary recommendations. We have already seen a great amount of interest for these clinics, and we hope this demand will continue.”

Mary Smith, Senior Clinical Support at Clyde Munro, added: “The last 16 months has been extremely disruptive for the dental industry. It has been well documented that the closure of dental practices during the pandemic, coupled with a poor diet, has had a profound effect on the oral health of children around Scotland, and there has been a massive shortfall of dental treatments.

“Children in the country’s most vulnerable areas have been most affected the closures. With that in mind, we are focused on improving dental care for those aged 12 and under. Our fluoride varnish is a strong tooth decay preventer which is highly effective, making sure the children who receive the application are better protected from decay and other oral deficiencies.”

The drop-in clinics are part of the dental group’s wider initiative, Clyde Munro Cares. Throughout the last 15 months Clyde Munro have also been offering virtual Childsmile sessions with children and their parents. These are informative sessions centred around oral health for children aged 0-12. Each session provides a 15-20 minute presentation on hints and tips as well as a Q&A on the benefits of brushing teeth.

See the original article here: Dental Industry Review

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