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Free GBR Symposium in Seville

Trycare, UK Distributors for the complete Tecnoss range including OsteoBiol GTO with TSV Gel, are offering delegates who attend the Bone, Biomaterials & Beyond Academy’s Guided Bone Regeneration Symposium in Seville, Spain, on 23rd October 2021, two free 0.5cc packs of OsteoBiol GTO with TSV Gel.

This means that if they take advantage of the 22nd September early-bird booking fee of €200, including VAT, they will be able to hear some of the world’s leading authorities in GBR including Imad About, Antonio Barone, Christopher Kottgen, Ziv Mazor, Nuno Matos Garrdido, Antonio Murillo Rodriguez, Luigi Canullo and Patrick Palacci for free!

In addition to the Symposium, delegates can book a place on the Bone Lamina and Modified Hard Lamina Technique Workshop by Christopher Kottgen between 15.00 and 18.30, places limited to 25, and an Evening Gala Dinner.

To book your place at this unmissable event, visit www.bbb.academy.

OsteoBiol GTO with TSV Gel is the state-of-the-art second-generation guided bone regeneration material from Tecnoss.

All Tecnoss OsteoBiol products are second-generation because they exhibit 100% conversion to human new bone within a finite, 12- to 24-month, period; unlike ceramatised first-generation materials which only partially, if at all, convert to new bone, simply remaining as unreacted lumps of dead foreign bone within the GBR site.

For more information, call Trycare Ltd on 01274 885544, or visit www.trycare.co.uk/osteobiol 

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