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GitHub bug briefly gave valid authenticated session cookies to wrong users

Microsoft’s GitHub on Tuesday launched a public beta of its Container Registry, a service that both overlaps with and complements GitHub Packages, which debuted last year, but evidently has nothing to do with Microsoft’s Azure Container Registry.

GitHub Packages allows developers to host, manage, and download packages – bundles of source code and metadata – for multiple different programming languages. And it hosts container images – a package archive format for standing up apps in a lighter version of a virtual machine.

GitHub Container Registry also provides a way to host, manage, and download containers. But at the moment, it only supports Docker images, the most common container image format these days.

“Available today as a public beta, GitHub Container Registry improves how we handle containers within GitHub Packages,” explained Kayla Ngan, product manager at GitHub, in a blog post. “With the new capabilities introduced today, you can better enforce access policies, encourage usage of a standard base image, and promote innersourcing through easier sharing across the organization.”

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