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Hybrid cloud trends

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It is expected that over the next two years, there will be a 45% increase in organisations running more than 30% of their production applications on public cloud infrastructure. Hybrid cloud is clearly becoming the default configuration for most organisations, combining growing public cloud usage with existing on-premises workloads.

So how can your organisation leverage hybrid cloud and how can you expect this trend to develop in the coming years? This paper reports the findings of an ESG survey of 358 IT professionals in North America responsible for evaluating, purchasing, and managing the technologies underlying their organisation’s on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure. 

Download this free paper to find out: 

  • What is the balance of on-premises and off-premises workloads? 

  • Will the on-premises, infrastructure-first mindset of many hybrid cloud strategies start to shift toward a public cloud-based orientation? 

  • What are the requirements for automation and management in a hybrid cloud ecosystem? 

  • How long will hybrid cloud be the operating model for organisations? 

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