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James Martin Talks RE-IGNITE

James Martin of Dentists who Invest says “A new mindset changed my entire life” He worked with Dr Mahmood Mawjee at The RE-IGNITE Academy to start building his business and his future. Here he shares some of his experience.

Mahmood really made me put myself out there in everything that I did, including on social media to make use of the powerful networking opportunities it offers. His course gave me the ability to speak confidently in public too and allowed me to build me business. With Mahmood’s mentorship and guidance, it was a revelation to discover just how achievable my own business would be.

More than this, my income is now three times what it was before I embarked on this life-changing journey. I always worked hard, but now I spend my time and efforts more wisely, channelling them into more productive activities that deliver a significantly higher monetary return.

It’s important to have the right people around you for support and guidance. You also need the right head space and The RE-IGNITE Academy helped me with this enormously. The new mindset I created with their help, changed my entire life.”

Open the door to new opportunities for your future. Discover how The RE-IGNITE Academy can help you today.

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