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Kiroku: Boosting Morale

Author Hannah Burrow is CEO of Kiroku. Here Hannah highlights the many advantages of the digital dental workflow.

Creating a positive working environment is valuable for boosting the morale of the dental team, ensuring their wellbeing, and improving staff retention. By ensuring the team has the tools they need to complete their work efficiently and to a high standard for boosted productivity you will also enhance their workflow and improve the patient journey through the practice.

When equipment is outdated, tasks which should be fast, or even automatic with digital upgrades, can take much longer. Efficient digital tools allow you to maximise the amount of time spent with patients – and increase the number of patients seen each day – without working extra hours.

In a practice which is ill equipped and doesn’t support the dental team, the pressure to perform well can build very quickly. A lack of support and poor access to resources can make the workload feel much harder, with more obstacles to contend with. It becomes crucial that the dental practice is well equipped so that the team are able to carry out their work efficiently and confidently.

Note taking, in particular, is a notoriously time-consuming task, but digital innovations can help. Kiroku, the digital note taking platform, is an excellent option to help you maximise the number of patients you are able to see per day. It helps you to take high-quality clinical notes 60% faster, by using dynamic templates which prompt you to include any relevant information, providing you with the confidence you need to know that you have not missed any important details.

Across all areas of dentistry, digital solutions such as Kiroku are becoming more widespread because they work, and help meet the increasing demands from patients who require faster, more efficient, and more accurate dental treatment. Digital tools, whether used in clinical or non-clinical tasks, boost both efficiency and morale in the dental practice and aid in staff and patient retention.

The use of smart, digital dental solutions in practice drastically reduces the risk of human error, maximises predictability, and saves time and money as processes are faster, and less likely to need to be repeated.

Incorporating digital solutions such as Kiroku into the workflow will help reduce stress within the dental team; and improved efficiency will ultimately result in higher levels of patient satisfaction, while also saving money, time and increasing revenue.

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