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Massive attack

Webinar Any organization can lose service, revenue, and reputation as a result. If you are particularly unlucky, a DDoS attack can defenestrate your network defences. You may find yourself facing an cyber criminal who wants to take your business for everything it’s got – not an attractive prospect in anybody’s book.

DDoS threats are already commonplace, and their volume and scale is rising steeply. In 2023, DDoS attacks are forecast to exceed anything seen before by a hefty percentage as a dastardly combination of hacktivists, cyber criminals, and state players all look to cause disruption by flooding the internet with spurious web traffic.

Join the Register’s Tim Phillips on 6 September 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT as he talks with Cloudflare’s Derek Chamorro about how to identify the DDoS threat to your business, and find out what could happen if your networks are not strongly defended from attack.

Derek will also offer advice on how to mitigate the consequences of a DDoS attack when it does happen, suggest the best way to deal with the threat and help you build effective defences against them.

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