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Oral Health Foundation and BSDHT team up with GSK to provide toothpaste to the vulnerable of Manchester


The Oral Health Foundation and the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy have teamed up with GSK to provide over 100,000 tubes of Sensodyne toothpaste to the vulnerable and those in need in Greater Manchester.

This mammoth community effort, facilitated by Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership and Community 4X4 Response, will see toothpaste distributed to places all over Greater Manchester.

Those that will be receiving the toothpastes include homeless people, residents in care homes, people who use foodbanks and those who don’t have easy access to dental products or whom may have limited financial resources.

Talking about the impact that this donation will have, Emma Hall-Scullin, consultant dental public health, Public Health England North West, said: “Greater Manchester has some of the highest levels of tooth decay in the country and this is one of the many initiatives being undertaken to address this. Twice- daily toothbrushing is extremely important to maintain oral health and prevent tooth decay.”

Dr Ben Atkins, President of the Oral Health Foundation, hopes this donation will go far in boosting the oral health of those in Manchester who otherwise might be struggling during this difficult time.

Dr Atkins says: “It’s vital that oral health is maintained, not just for health of the mouth but also for mental health as well. We hope that this donation of Sensodyne toothpaste will allow those that receive them to get all the benefits that come with healthy teeth and gums and put a smile on their face.”

President of the BSDHT, Diane Rochford, adds: “On behalf of the BSDHT I’d like to thank GSK for their generous donation. These toothpaste samples will make a huge difference to those in need and reinforce the fact that these items are a necessity, not just a luxury for those more fortunate.”

Of course, the donation would not have been possible if it weren’t for GSK, a spokesperson for the organisation says: “We are really pleased to help support the communities of Greater Manchester with this toothpaste donation, in a year where there have been significant limitations to dental service delivery.”

The Oral Health Foundation would also like to extend a special thanks to Singletons Transport who kindly offered their services for free to help deliver the toothpastes as well as Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership for all their help in making sure the toothpastes get to those that need it.

As commented on earlier, this year has indeed provided a number of challenges for the dental profession and the public alike.

The Oral Health Foundation is committed to supporting the public with their oral health during this difficult time which is why we continue to run our Dental Helpline.

The Dental Helpline has helped hundreds of thousands of callers with their oral health problems and queries. It is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and can be reached on 01788 539780.

For more information about the Dental Helpline as well as the Oral Health Foundation’s wider activities head to www.dentalhealth.org.

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