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RiverMeadow unveils multi-cloud disaster recovery solution

Cloud migration specialist RiverMeadow has announced the launch of its scalable disaster recovery (DR) solution.

The new capability, available within RiverMeadow’s multi-cloud migration platform, helps safeguard VMware vSphere workloads that run on-premises or in any public cloud, including Azure VMware Solution (AVS), Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE), VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC), Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS), and IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, through Object Storage.

RiverMeadow president and CEO Jim Jordan said: “Our new DR platform capability has been developed in response to extensive demand from our customers and partners for an integrated cloud migration and DR solution.

“This new capability enables them to lift, optimize and protect their workloads with all the flexibility and scale they require through one single pane of glass.”

RiverMeadow’s DR solution also facilitates asynchronous replication with optimized orchestration workflows to help enterprises achieve predefined recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Additionally, Azure Blob, Amazon S3, and Google Cloud Storage can serve as low-cost Object Storage options for backups.

Should a service interruption occur, workloads can be recovered to the source or target vSphere environment via enterprises’ desired recovery point. For instance, “recover one or many VMs to different vSphere environments” is particularly useful in cases where the primary vSphere site is no longer accessible.

Setup and deployment are easy with an intuitive, self-service dashboard. No dedicated disaster recovery site is needed for accessing the solution.

“RiverMeadow makes DR more affordable by allowing customers the ability to protect not only mission-critical workloads but also any workload by leveraging low-cost storage options,” added Greg Dennis, RiverMeadow CTO

“Customers are now able to protect themselves against ransomware and other malicious attacks by being able to recover workloads in minutes to a last known good configuration.”

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