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Sensei Cloud and Teledentistry

Dentistry is always evolving, embracing technological innovations, exploring cutting-edge research and gaining a greater understanding of our bodies, and yet the way people access dental services has remained much the same for decades, with people visiting the practice to receive care. But what if the way people accessed dental care became as innovative as the industry itself?

Strictures caused by the pandemic made accessing dentistry a challenge for a number of reasons. But now, even though services have reopened and a near-normal level of care has resumed, ongoing restrictions might mean that providing dentistry in the time-tested way may not be the best way forward in the future.

The possibilities of teledentistry are exciting. This provides access to medical professionals by using information technology devices, which precludes the need for patients to visit practices in person unless they really need to.

Worried people could have a virtual triage consultation to see if they need a physical appointment, or meet with a dental professional on a virtual basis to receive advice regarding any aspects of at-home oral care and hygiene. The versatility and ease of teledentistry makes it a useful tool, helping patients receive the care and attention they need, without having to leave their homes.

In light of this, Carestream Dental has introduced teledentistry capabilities into its Sensei Cloud practice management software. As a holistic approach to practice management, Sensei Cloud also allows anytime, anywhere access to patient files – making it the ideal system through which to adapt to changes in the way people access dentistry.

This also addresses the way COVID has impacted patient confidence. There are still some people who are wary about taking public transport or venturing into busy areas of a city where chances of infection are likely to be increased. And although the vaccination programme is moving forwards at an admirable rate, there are those who cannot receive the vaccine or who have been advised against it.

Teledentistry through Sensei Cloud will allow them access to care without risking infection. In conclusion it’s interesting to consider the ways dental services will be accessed in years to come, but an increased use of teledentistry will most likely become the new normal.

By exploring and investing in technology such as Sensei Cloud today you will take important strides towards future-proofing your practice, keeping ahead of the curve, and helping provide care for a greater number of people, whatever happens tomorrow.

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