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TANDEX WOODI: Smiles and Sustainability

With its handle made from sustainable FSC-certified birch wood, the WOODI is the latest addition to the TANDEX range of oral hygiene aids.

TANDEX is premium brand from Denmark, and we have been making toothbrushes since 1931. We develop products to keep you smiling.

We care about the environment too. We only use food-approved raw materials and green energy sources in our factory. Our aim is to become carbon neutral and we are fully committed to this goal.

TANDEX represents how you can think differently, with no compromise to quality. To find out more about us, and WOODI, visit our new-look website.

For more information about the TANDEX range of products,
visit https://tandex.dk/ or visit the Facebook page:

See the original article here: Dental Industry Review

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