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Tektronix updates its asset management software

Tektronix has announced several updates to its cloud-based asset management software CalWeb. 

Calibrating large fleets of test and measurement instruments can prove arduous, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. CalWeb by Tektronix offers a fix by enabling customers to keep track of calibration and repair histories with supporting documentation on a centralized web-based application.

“Customers manage complicated fleets of test and measurement equipment, often with multiple brands that require calibrations or other services at different times,” explained Corey Christmann, vice president of service and support at Tektronix.

Christmann added, “With CalWeb, we simplify all of that for customers, so they can track all their services on all equipment from the palm of their hand. With service teams in more than 100 locations worldwide, Tektronix is a leading accredited calibration services provider with more than 75 years of experience serving the world’s largest mission-critical manufacturers in aerospace and defense, semiconductor, automotive, medical, and wired and wireless communications.”

Commenting on CalWeb’s latest enhancements, Tektronix said the software’s new features will ensure instant access to critical information. The firm also outlined four key capabilities. 

CalWeb can now generate barcodes to tag equipment and correlate them to select database fields. Customers can use a smartphone or barcode scanner to readily access an equipment’s calibration, repair history, and certificates, among other useful information.

Programming language agnostic, REST API ensures CalWeb can easily integrate with customers’ in-house IT systems. Businesses can also create, run, and download customized reports on CalWeb-managed assets. Lastly, CalWeb users will receive automated alerts when a test or measurement equipment’s calibration is due.

Tektronix further stated CalWeb can be used to manage varied equipment, irrespective of manufacturer.

“These powerful CalWeb features answer our customers’ needs for streamlined fleet management and improved communications around the calibration of all their products, regardless of the brand. The ability to scan and access documentation, run reports and integrate swiftly with existing systems advances our service software beyond expectations,” added Tektronix.

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