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The total economic impact of Nutanix for end-user computing

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It’s never been more important for end users to have consistent and reliable access to their applications and data. But managing large endpoint environments creates challenges, costs, and complexity for I&O professionals.

Organisations undergoing an EUC transformation, adopting BYOD or CYOD policies, or pursuing digital transformation initiatives are ripe for VDI deployment. Forrester sees tremendous interest by infrastructure decision makers in moving VDI workloads to the public cloud or by running VDI in a hybrid environment, in order to reduce infrastructure costs and compensate for the lack of skilled IT staff that VDI requires. Unfortunately, many VDI projects stall, fail, or never get off the ground due to their complexity, cost, and poor user experience, which undermines why an organisation turned to VDI in the first place.

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester has interviewed several customers with years of experience using the Nutanix solution for end user computing. Download this whitepaper to read about the findings. 

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