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TLX Dental Implant System

A spokesperson from the Straumann Group considers effective patient communication and the benefits of the TLX dental implant system.

A disconnect between what dental teams believe patients need and offer them, and what people actually want might mean fewer treatment plans accepted and completed. For example, someone coming to see you, telling you that they have looked into all the options and have decided that implant therapy would be best for them, does not want a bridge, or a partial or complete denture.

They want a dental implant because they will have found out that it can give a natural-looking and functional result for a missing tooth. They’ll also know that, as long as they look after their oral hygiene, it can last a long time. Successful implant therapy, a minimally-invasive and conservative treatment, can help to restore lost bone density, preserving and protecting the architecture of the jaw.

Most adults in good general and oral health can be suitable candidates for implant therapy. But if they have neglected their oral health for years and need to improve it before a dental implant can be placed, you need a team in place to guide them and work in partnership with them to help ensure dental implant success and longevity.

Every part of their treatment journey will have to be managed, tailored to their specific case and supported all the way through. This will include aftercare, to help ensure that their implant is beautifully maintained. Dental implant treatment protocols, including the materials to deliver them, have been refined over the years and continually optimised for better predictability and reliability as well as stability and aesthetics.

They enable dentists to restore smiles efficiently as well as safely – immediate implant treatments are a concept that empowered patients will be aware of, ideal for those who want a fantastic result in fewer appointments.

When choosing an implant system with immediacy in mind, the design, surface and available components of the implant all need to be considered, with biomaterials often utilised. The right biomaterials can help preserve the soft tissue, and encourage slower remodelling and fast healing – so every part of the process is enhanced.

For example, the innovative TLX Implant system from Straumann mimics the natural anatomy, respecting the hard and soft tissue for a high-quality aesthetic outcome. Offering fully tapered tissue-level implants, the system combines the benefits of a tissue level connection with the stability needed for immediacy. The TLX Implant system also reduces the risk of nesting bacteria, optimises cleansability and, with its simple, efficient design, delivers reliably exceptional outcomes.

To support treatment acceptance and success, care should be focused on achieving patients’ aims and your clinical goals, with a team-centred approach using gold-standard materials.

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