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Why Chooseabrush?

Why choose Chooseabrush™? When gingivae have receded, it is common for patients to be prescribed just two sizes of interspace brush, one large and one small, and left to work out for themselves which size to use in each interdental space in order to remove the plaque that builds up there.

To be effective there needs to be slight resistance when the brush is pushed backwards and forwards two or three times to mechanically clean each space and remove plaque. It follows that if too small a small brush is used in a large space, then this plaque cannot be completely removed and the conditions for more periodontal breakdown continue. Gingivae (gums) that bleed when tooth brushing are never normal.

When plaque is not removed fully, after 7 – 10 days the gingivae will become inflamed. Gram negative bacteria in plaque will continue to produce toxins that cause loss of alveolar bone because they will cover the root surface before the next appointment for professional ultrasonic cleaning.

The Chooseabrush method explains how patients can check each space for themselves from a range of eight different interspace brush sizes provided in the starter kit, then record their results on a user-friendly chart to create their own unique record for which brush to use and where.

Over time, in some places, where further periodontal improvement occurs, it may prove possible to use a larger size brush. This is a sign of resolution of some of the inflammation at that particular interdental space.

To effectively remove interdental plaque every day, use Chooseabrush and take control of your dental health.

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